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Trevor grew up in Queenscliff, Victoria, Australia, a small coastal fishing and resort town. He was only 17 when he obtained his first captain license and started operating small vessels part-time while completing an electrical apprenticeship.

After that, he worked at an exclusive island resort in Queensland for 5 years, where he taught scuba diving, sailing, water skiing, game fishing and also captained all of the resort vessels.

After achieving his Australian Master Class 4 Commercial captain license and engineering qualification, Trevor moved to Florida and worked for 5 years as a captain and engineer in the US, Caribbean and Mexico.

During that time he also obtained his commercial helicopter license, and worked part-time doing aerial photography for boats. He then went back to Australia, where he finished a new-build expedition vessel and served as Captain/Helicopter Pilot on board for 3 years.

Trevor is currently the captain of M/Y Allegria, an extremely high quality mega-yacht. Allegria-- which means “joy” or “happiness” in Italian--was built in Holland at the premier Hakvoort Shipyards in 2004.
Click here to visit the M/Y Allegria website.

Prior to working on Allegria, Trevor was captain of a mega-yacht which cruised in Fiji and, in Australia, served as a movie set for the Warner Brothers film movie “Fools Gold,” which was released in February of 2008.

Trevor holds his MCA Master of Yacht 3,000-ton, Engineer 3,000-ton licenses and has a commercial helicopter license.

Click here to visit the Captain Trevor Clarke website.


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